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The Citizenship-Legislative Committee is the in-plant political-legislative arm of the local union and a vital workplace political activator. While CAP (Community Action Program) priorities are developed by Convention action and implemented by the National CAP Department through the Regional offices and the locally-based CAP Councils, the Citizenship-Legislative Committee is the basic link with our members at work in assisting with registration and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) drives, dollar drives (V-CAP), letter writing campaigns, and educating the membership on issues and the positions of public officials as relates to the workplace


Civil and Human Rights


The Civil Rights Committee guards the Local Union's interest to assure members full rights under the law. The Committee informs members of steps & procedures, including filing of complaints & hearings, whenever members' rights are violated by management or other union members. The Civil Rights Committee works toward elimination of discrimination in the workplace, community and nation.


Community Services


The Community Services Committee facilitates assistance to members and their families in times of need, working through public and private organizations to assure problems faced by members in emergency situations get the needed help.




The Conservation-Recreation Committee works to promote meaningful recreation & leisure-time activities and also develops action programs to help correct energy & environmental programs.


Constitutions & Bylaws


The Constitution and Bylaws Committee of each local union shall perform the duties of setting up and monitoring the local union bylaws, along with following the approval procedures. The Committee is also responsible for submitting proposed changes to the UAW International Constitutional Convention.


Consumer Affairs


The consumer Affairs Committee keeps membership informed on truth in lending, truth in packaging, truth in advertising, labels on products, etc., so that members can obtain maximum value for monies spent.




The Education Committee implements the education mandate adopted by the UAW Convention delegates. Films, materials, outlines and guides are available to inform the membership on issues, train new stewards/grievance handlers and union leaders and promote greater Solidarity.


Strike Committee

The Strike Committee assumes "command" of the Local Union in the event of a strike, organizing shifts of picketers, supplies for picket signs, refreshments and meals for the picketers. The Strike Committee is responsible for maintaining "strike readiness" all year around, and frequently assists in other emergency situations.


Women's Committee

The Women's Committee is established for the purpose of promoting greater understanding of the UAW's policies and programs, and to further the objectives of our union in the communities in which we live. This committee conducts programs which are of special interest to women. Emphasis should be put on the fact that the Women's Committee is an integral part of the local union. It is not an auxiliary. It is not a social committee. It is a viable committee that should motivate and educate the local women to become more active in their union. All programs should involve the women in the local so that they may fully participate in their union.


Union Label

The Union Label Committee emphasizes the importance of supporting union members through purchase of union-made products & services. The Committee also educates the membership on the plight of non-union workers, the availability of union-made products, boycotts, etc.


Veterans' Committee

The Veteran's Committee provides information to veterans and their families and monitors legislative changes affecting veterans' benefits.





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